Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Return of the Duck

Okay wow, so it's been since August 7th that I posted anything?!? Well a very brief reason why that happened is as follows.
I've gotten a divorce, watched my daughters move a thousand miles away, and had to relocate myself. I'm still in Orlando, and my skin is thick. Life goes on Indy.
I'm hurting more than I care to let on, but I am putting on my Tragic the Clown makeup and allowing life to continue, to take me on a new adventure.
I love my babies more than life itself, and they continue to be a part of my every waking thought. I will be a part of their life so I try not to be down about the indirectness of that involvement. Seeing them will just be like a constant Christmas I can't wait to get to!
As Evita sang out. Don't cry for me Argentina.
So now it's back to work. I just wrapped up and was approved on all my Marvel Masterpieces 3 cards. I will post scans this week.
And now it's on to Indiana Jones Masterpieces for Topps. I am doing 360 total cards, and they include 30 Panoramic cards as well.
The artwork below is a teaser for the set that was featured in the sell sheet for the set.
That's all for now folks. Much LocoLove.


Unknown said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for drawing me and my friend Jorg a few weeks ago at Disney World! I LOVE your artwork, and that's an understatement. If only I had half a fraction of your talent...

Please continue updating your site with images. I hope you get to see your daughters often.


kywildcatt said...

Glad to hear you're still around-loved meeting you in Chicago. Hope things improve for you and that you get to see your girls frequently.

Keelan Parham said...

I love this piece, maybe one of my faves of yours, Loco.

You still posting on this blog?