Monday, March 17, 2008

Topps TV Promo Video Starring ME?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was filmed and interviewed about sketch cards, and the video is up. Excuse my horrible not made for tv face as it appears half way through.
The video itself was very well done, major Kudos to Alan and Lorne.


Anonymous said...

Great video. Cool to see you really fired up about what your working on.

Kenny Durkin said...

I'm so proud of you man. I put the video up on my blog too. Congratulations and make sure you don't forget the little people (but mostly me) when you're rich and famous!

Frank Zieglar said...

Wow Mike! That was cool!

I'd been wondering if you had to draw them that small or if they were reduced. Now I know.

And your blown-up Indy behind you looks pretty cool too.


Keelan Parham said...

That was very cool, buddy. I love the ending, especially. You did a great job talking during the interview, as well.

Anonymous said...

Great Job...Keep up the good work and congrats to you. I see your #1 fan was included..She's great what can I say..Just like Grandpa

Anonymous said...

So very, very proud of you - your drawings tell a great tale - so proud of everything you do.

Nina V.

Steve Hearn said...

Wonderful Michael and about time you had the exposure of your fantastic talent like this. I am sooo pleased for you and I am sooo excited that I will be working with you very soon! Can't wait!!!

brian said...

AAAAH She was sooooo cute!! Such poise at a young age, looks like she was made to be in front of a camera,( Pops need's a little more coaching) lol! Way ta go Loco you didnt look that bad,and the "shoot" was very complimenting if I may say so myself.

Esly Carrero said...

I was just saying on Keelan's blog how I remember that perma-smile being on your face the 1st time you found out that you got picked to do a series for "Topps". I don't think anything could've made you mad at that time.. not even me. haha. LOL!

I love the non-camera shy confidence you posses, Duron. I don't know how you did that.. I freak out when I'm on camera. I guess having Haley there, does help as she looks at you with that beautiful giant smile. That's enough for anyone to melt-down into a humble peaceful state of mind.

Great job! It's awesome to see you doing so well. You deserve to have your talent spread for others to see. You've worked hard enough for it.. that's for sure!

Talk to ya later. ;o)

locoduckfan said...

My buddy sent me this link and it's great to get to hear your thoughts on what you do. I was a huge fan before I saw the Topps TV link, now I'm hooked. Loco's Pond will be one of my new favorite sites. Keep up the great work!

Frank Zieglar said...


Did Mike get a new user ID?

by zieglarfan!