Saturday, February 02, 2008

This little piggie

I drew this tonight, on a gawdawful non moving bleh of a night. I HATE HATE HATE, having to clean up after others. I think I have become quasi obsessive compulsive. I just cannot handle messes anymore.
When I got into to work today, there was eraser dust all over the carpet at my stand, and my easel had paint all over it. I had to take 15 damn minutes out of my shift to go track down a broom, clean up the carpet, wipe down the board. UGH. How a person can live like a slob is beside me.
So nonetheless I illustrated this little piggie in the hope that the guilty culprit(s) might clean up after themselves, as this is NOT the first time this has happened.
I think if it happens again, I'll find out who it was, go in right before their shift, and crap all over their work place. That wouldn't be crossing a line would it?

Anyway, on a more positive note, I had a brief conversation with my best friend of 20 years now, and it was so convincingly refreshing. After my "rant" from before it was nice to hear from him. Un abridged Un forgiving and true. I miss hanging out with him. If only he lived closer.

Now if I could just find a little more of that here......

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PatrickT said...

Again... I agree. I find it amazing that someone can be creative in the midst of a messy environment. I don't care what people do at home, but not cleaning up after yourself is disrespectful to the artists that follow your shift and to the guests that have to see you in the midst of that mess as well...have some self respect for yourself also. I could be obsessive as well about neatness, but even if I was a slob I'd like to think that I wouldn't subject others to it.