Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blast from the Past

I was going through a few recent and not so recent pieces and decided to gather them all together and make sure that they give a decent example of my more "comic book action" side of the pencil. This is usually the style I choose to use when voyaging into the world of Super Heroes. As you can see I am partial to Marvel but there are a handful of DC characters I adore as well. There is this little set of Sketch Cards called Marvel Masterpieces I would love to be on! SO I crammed as many samples of what I would do with these cards if I got my grubby little hands on. So Enjoy, and cross your fingers for me!


mgeo said...

My god, Mike, these are spectacular. Good luck!

Anonymous said...


Dennis said...

WOW. I am impressed. Not that your other stuff isn't great too, but these pieces are incredible. The detail is just mind-numbing. I bow to you, sir.