Monday, November 12, 2007

Super Soap Weekend brings me back from the dead

Okay well I have been hiding for a while due to somewhat of an embarassing fiasco, but life seems to be back on track. I got to work a gig last night which brought me back into the swing of things in grand fashion. It was for the closing party at Walt Disney World's Super Soap Weekend. We got to draw several of daytime tv's sexiest people, men and women. I wish I could show you some photos but because of privacy reasons we kept our cameras holstered for the night.
But what a night it was. I got to meet and draw former Playmate turned daytime TV and Dancing with the Stars actress Kelly Monaco. She was quite a doll!
But the highlight of the night came from All My Children and One Life to Live stars Melissa Claire Egan and Tika Sumpter. Not being a watcher of daytime TV I was unaware of them. But they quickly established themselves as TV royalty with their fantastic playful personalities and gorgeous looks. They were two of the most humble, and down to earth actresses I'd ever met. You know the kisses on the cheeks of thanks were just a bonus. It was my pleasure to not only draw them, but to spend ten or 15 minutes getting to know them. They each have a new fan in me.
But it's the gigs like this and the people I get to work with, (it was nice to see my good friends Keelan and Ted again) that remind me why I am a very lucky man.

PS I plan on updating this page everyday this week with more news and art. I have quite a bit of catching up to do!


Tim Gardner said...

Yeah, I used to hang-out with stars, too, ya know. ... OK, OK, I was merely a humble waiter at a restaurant in Hollywood back in the late 80's, but that counts! LOL.

Tim Gardner said...

Oh, and glad to see you're "back" dude.

michele nichols said...

you can come out of the corner now, Mike. Sorry you had a rough time, hope things are better now. :)