Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dog Days of Work

I realize it's been a bit since I posted, so I'll give something. This cute little mutt. Yeah occasionally at work I get asked to do caricatures of people's dogs. I always find it a bit challenging because they aren't human faces. And when you toss in the fact that I'm usually working off a cell phone or something, it makes it that much harder to get a decent likeness. Still, I feel like I achieved something with this one. So wala. I share it with thee.


Keelan Parham said...

Cute! Um, I think you mean "voila'", dont' you?

Tim Gardner said...

Phonetically, Mike is close, I think.

Esly Carrero said...

LOL! you guys are silly.
Hi Mike, Cute Doggy. I also like the Will in the previous post too.

Very cool.

Unknown said...

Hehe... cute dog.